Camden United Methodist Church

Prayer list

Current prayer list (August)
For those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. For those who are learning how to cope with a new health condition and their caregivers. For those who are preparing for their final life journey. For those who need to hear of God’s love for them. For those who are looking for work. For those who are in need of shelter. For those who are in need of food. For those who answer the call for help and need, the first responders. For those who are dealing with an ongoing health condition and their caregivers. For peace and patience in times of strife, when hurt and when upset. Give us hearts that love all people, not just the easy ones we know. For those suffering in body, mind, or spirit. For those who are teaching, learning, driving & helping with schools. For those battling addictions. For those suffering from depression throughout the year. For Christians being persecuted around the world.

Joseph Wiggins; Aaron Keville; Destinee Sobles; Tom Young; Paul Horn; Skyla; Liborio Barbagallo; Jack Estrella; Susane Lewchanin; Terry Polini & family; Lillian; Brayden Hughes; Bob Smith; Daniel Dunn; Derek Holmes & family; Rev. Janet (Gibbs) Bently; Phoebe Barber; Aleesha Hart; Kevin Grinnell; Brian Conley’s family; Earthquake victims around the world; Robert Lockhart’s family; Dupont & Humphry families; Barb & Bob Conniff; Dee & Steve Dunn; Larry Kent & family; Valerie Longchamps’ family; Karleen Yager; the Duerr family