Camden United Methodist Church

Vision Affirmed by Congregation

On Sunday, September 20th, the congregation affirmed the new Vision Statement for our church.  This Vision was based on input from the congregation last spring and was approved by the Administrative Council in June 2015.  During the service, people were invited to review the results of the vision survey done in the spring, reflect on our previous vision and its success, and look forward to ways to move us forward in our mission (as described in Matthew 22:37 & 39 and Matthew 28:19) in the future.  The congregation then joined in affirming the vision statement with these words:  “Having seen and heard this vision statement based on our surveys and approved by our Church Council, I hereby covenant to accept it as our church vision ad do my part to carry out each of its provisions to the best of my ability, with guidance and support from the rest of the congregation, as needed.” 

You can find our new Vision Statement under the About Us tab above.



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